Summer Clothes for Fall

Just because a colder season has begun quickly doesn’t mean we’ll forget about our summer experiences and those relaxing moments outside work or school, but somehow we need to get back on our feet. Keep your summer wardrobe along your new clothes and wear them easily all season without freezing! Find out next what you need to keep near you in the styling section!
03 Sep, 2010

Summer breeze, perfect tan, relaxing ambiance and beauty fiesta everyday were a few key points that you’ll miss this season because work and school are ready to take over you which might be disturbing counting how lazy you’ve been lately. With the sun up all day and a very, very warm weather there was no reason why not to enjoy your vacation the best way possible but how can we get back on track with out endless shopping list?

Easy. Find out the most important items that you need to pick up from the mall by reviewing our latest trend report list of must-have clothes for this Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season. But since now is not the best moment for wasting money for anyone, try to make some important decisions. Keep that stylish comfy relaxed look on your appearances with a little help from your summer wardrobe. From shorts to floral dresses, romantic blouses and skirts, they are perfectly wearable in this season too!

Shorts & Skirts

Yes, this season the revealing of the skin makes a come-back. With comfy shorts and skirts there’s no better way to look fashionable and chic. Are you worried about freezing into the rain? You don’t have to. Over-knee socks play the best accessory for the Fall/Winter season if you’re looking for some shorts. You can look absolutely amazing at work with a pair of oversized shorts and some over-knee boots. Add a boyfriend blazer and a beautiful silk blouse. Your outfit will be shiny, outstanding and sexy too.

If you’re looking at some skirts, the waist colorful types are perfect for this season. For school or work they are completely fabulous, comfortable and extremely chic. With a pair of tights underneath you’ll provide yourself from the cold weather outside. A pair of ankle-booties may be the perfect shoes for this season. For outerwear choose between easy jackets, trench coats or cardigans. Add accessories like scarves or long necklaces to spice up the outfit.



Dresses & Tank Blouses

Elegance plays an important role in a woman’s styling choices for every season so that’s why clothes from summer are easily adaptable for fall too. When we’re looking at summer’s romantic floral dresses or those sophisticated classy tank blouses, all we have in mind is a way to wear them again, a new occasion and a new style. But we need to consider the new season too. With the cold weather that already hits the streets outside is quite difficult to wear the same outfits, but with a little more attention on the accessories used we can bring them back in the game.

Sometimes the romantic dress that you kept all it needs is an oversized cardigan over, printed some tights underneath, a pair of boots or Oxford shoes and a maxi bag to match your outfit. Easy and effective, a stunning look in a few steps.

With your beautiful tank blouse you need to consider a sophisticated evening where you can match it with a fabulous sequin skirt, a boyfriend blazer to balance the feminine attitude and a shiny clutch. If you want it wearable for the day, than opt for oversized shorts or skinny jeans. Take over a fantastic fur coat and a matching bag.



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