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Make fashion work for you with style tips and fashion advice. Learn how to build the perfect wardrobe and know what to wear for all occasions with style tips and tricks. Get style tips and advice in women's fashion and find out how to dress for your body shape and what clothes to wear to flatter your figure, how to hide big hips, play down a big bust and how to dress if you're petite. Read on these fashion style tips to know what suits you best and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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  • How To Dress Beatnik Style
    How To Dress Beatnik Style
    Thursday, 01st Oct 2009

    Were you impressed by the beat movement and its anti-traditional attitude? Then why not return back to those days by sporting true-to-beat outfits. Learn what are...

  • How To Wear Belts
    How To Wear Belts
    Tuesday, 29th Sep 2009

    Do you know the secrets of joggling with your body proportions? The most common accessories, like belts have the power to upgrade your look by emphasizing your best...

  • Business Wear For Women - Style Tips
    Business Wear For Women - Style Tips
    Monday, 28th Sep 2009

    Finding the perfect attire for your job gives you headaches? Then why not learn the basics on how to dress business chic without extra-effort. Skim through these...

  • 80s Fashion For Women
    80s Fashion For Women
    Monday, 28th Sep 2009

    Are you in the mood of returning to the golden decades? Why not choose the 80s with the glam of the neon lights and breath-taking accessories. Jump into the time...

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