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Make fashion work for you with style tips and fashion advice. Learn how to build the perfect wardrobe and know what to wear for all occasions with style tips and tricks. Get style tips and advice in women's fashion and find out how to dress for your body shape and what clothes to wear to flatter your figure, how to hide big hips, play down a big bust and how to dress if you're petite. Read on these fashion style tips to know what suits you best and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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  • How to Wear Lace
    How to Wear Lace
    Thursday, 04th Feb 2010

    While organizing your formal or casual outfit add a tint of refinement and 'noblesse' to your look by choosing lace. The fabric with centuries long traditions seems...

  • Skulls Fashion Trend
    Skulls Fashion Trend
    Friday, 11th Dec 2009

    Skulls fashion has become a huge trends as they can be beautifully incorporated into different fashion styles. Find out what make skulls prints and accessories so...

  • How To Wear Bright Colors
    How To Wear Bright Colors
    Wednesday, 11th Nov 2009

    Are you in need of a color patch in your boring days? Experiment with the colorful outfits to boost your mood and wardrobe. Learn the basic guidelines that will...

  • How To Wear Faux Fur
    How To Wear Faux Fur
    Monday, 09th Nov 2009

    Were you always impressed by the power of the fur to dress up a look? Then those who might find it unethical to wear it will be thrilled of the brand new faux fur...

  • How To Dress Sporty Chic In 2010
    How To Dress Sporty Chic In 2010
    Saturday, 07th Nov 2009

    Sportswear just couldn't be spared form the influences of glam. Those who are fond of relaxed outfits still long to emphasize their femininity will be immediately...

  • How To Wear Plaid
    How To Wear Plaid
    Monday, 02nd Nov 2009

    Are you still in search of your favorite pattern? You don't have to look no more, plaid is the quintessential print that makes its appearance in every season. More...

  • How To Dress Tomboy Style
    How To Dress Tomboy Style
    Thursday, 29th Oct 2009

    Are you a real devoted fan of masculine clothes and accessories? Adopt the latest tendencies in women's fashion, the tomboy style. This trend proves that ladies...

  • How To Dress Boho Chic
    How To Dress Boho Chic
    Wednesday, 28th Oct 2009

    Are you fond of long skirts ans slouchy sweaters? Then you were probably mesmerized by the ultra-popular Boho chic trend which encourages the relaxed and romantic...

  • How To Dress Slimmer and Look Thinner
    How To Dress Slimmer and Look Thinner
    Tuesday, 27th Oct 2009

    There are hardly any people who won't wish to lose a few inches from their critical spots. Indeed fashion is here to help you in choosing the clothes that would...