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Make fashion work for you with style tips and fashion advice. Learn how to build the perfect wardrobe and know what to wear for all occasions with style tips and tricks. Get style tips and advice in women's fashion and find out how to dress for your body shape and what clothes to wear to flatter your figure, how to hide big hips, play down a big bust and how to dress if you're petite. Read on these fashion style tips to know what suits you best and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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  • Must Have Prints In Your Wardrobe
    Must Have Prints In Your Wardrobe
    Friday, 05th Mar 2010

    A stylish closet has all the essential staples that can offer the chance to its owner to be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Must have prints in your wardrobe...

  • How to Dress Harajuku Style
    How to Dress Harajuku Style
    Wednesday, 03rd Mar 2010

    Alternative fashion trends enjoy increasing popularity among style trotter people. Learning how to dress Harajuku is just another means to expand your knowledge...

  • Update Your Spring Wardrobe
    Update Your Spring Wardrobe
    Wednesday, 03rd Mar 2010

    The arrival of the breezy season means heart-warming weather as well as new style trend. In order to update your spring wardrobe it is important to learn more about...

  • How to Wear Leather With Style
    How to Wear Leather With Style
    Tuesday, 02nd Mar 2010

    There's no need to own a motorcycle to look chic in leather. In fact learning how to wear leather with style is as simple as organizing a plain outfit. In the case...

  • Hide Large Tummy Style Tips
    Hide Large Tummy Style Tips
    Monday, 01st Mar 2010

    The eventual disproportions of our silhouette might give us many headaches when planning an outfit. In order to get over these with success it is useful to read...

  • White Shirt Style Tips
    White Shirt Style Tips
    Thursday, 25th Feb 2010

    The success of classic business as well as casual outfits is secured by the presence of a universal fashion item. Learning more on white shirt style tips is the...

  • How to Buy Vintage
    How to Buy Vintage
    Thursday, 18th Feb 2010

    The past decades witnessed the fabulous rebirth of vintage. Therefore learning how to buy vintage clothes, accessories and other style items is essential to create...

  • Tips For a Stylish Wardrobe
    Tips For a Stylish Wardrobe
    Thursday, 18th Feb 2010

    Learn some tips for a stylish wardrobe to look smashing at all events. Your professional attitude towards fashion is best illustrated by the content of your closet....

  • How to Dress to Accentuate Curves
    How to Dress to Accentuate Curves
    Friday, 05th Feb 2010

    Contemporary fashion trend offer endless options to camouflage our beauty flaws and also emphasize the main assets. Learning how to dress to accentuate curves is...