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Make fashion work for you with style tips and fashion advice. Learn how to build the perfect wardrobe and know what to wear for all occasions with style tips and tricks. Get style tips and advice in women's fashion and find out how to dress for your body shape and what clothes to wear to flatter your figure, how to hide big hips, play down a big bust and how to dress if you're petite. Read on these fashion style tips to know what suits you best and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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  • How-To & Style: Oxford Shoes
    How-To & Style: Oxford Shoes
    Thursday, 01st Jul 2010

    With a professional appeal attached to them, the masculine looking pair of shoes called brogues or Oxford made a huge sensation this year in the workaholics row...

  • How-To & Style: Gladiator Sandals
    How-To & Style: Gladiator Sandals
    Thursday, 01st Jul 2010

    The gladiator sandals have been a trend since last year when we've spotted celebrities rocking those shoes and going casual-chic into comfortable footwear without...

  • How to & Style: First Date
    How to & Style: First Date
    Tuesday, 29th Jun 2010

    You think you found the perfect guy and you both are going at the perfect place at the perfect time, and of course, you want this to be the perfect date, right?...

  • How To & Style: Beach Summer Essentials
    How To & Style: Beach Summer Essentials
    Tuesday, 22nd Jun 2010

    It's been a while since the Spring/Summer season has started and as soon as we can we all are going to take a vacation and go to the beach, but what do we need for...

  • 5 Must-Have Items for Summer 2010
    5 Must-Have Items for Summer 2010
    Thursday, 17th Jun 2010

    With every season that passes by, our wardrobe keeps getting bigger and bigger, but still we seem like we have nothing there. Now that the sun is already here its...

  • How To & Style – Travel Must-Haves
    How To & Style – Travel Must-Haves
    Tuesday, 01st Jun 2010

    The summer season is here, so the holidays are up and travelling is a must-do for this year. This summer your home is everywhere, your friends are everyone and you...

  • Stylish Swimsuit Cover-Up Ideas
    Stylish Swimsuit Cover-Up Ideas
    Wednesday, 19th May 2010

    Some might be shy to stroll on the beach only with their swimsuit on. Others would like to enjoy a walk on the beach sporting a cute cover-up that still lets them...

  • Must Have Jacket Styles
    Must Have Jacket Styles
    Wednesday, 19th May 2010

    The cute cover-ups serve as the best means to master the transitions from the cold to hot season and back. Indeed some might spot a sole piece and sport it during...

  • How-To Guide: Prom Fashion Style
    How-To Guide: Prom Fashion Style
    Saturday, 08th May 2010

    Being a teenager includes more then just going to school or learning, along with that comes fun and lots of parties, but one stands out the most, the prom party....