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Make fashion work for you with style tips and fashion advice. Learn how to build the perfect wardrobe and know what to wear for all occasions with style tips and tricks. Get style tips and advice in women's fashion and find out how to dress for your body shape and what clothes to wear to flatter your figure, how to hide big hips, play down a big bust and how to dress if you're petite. Read on these fashion style tips to know what suits you best and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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  • Teenage Party Outfit Ideas
    Teenage Party Outfit Ideas
    Tuesday, 17th Aug 2010

    Since summer's not exactly over and even if school starts soon, the party season keeps on going, but what are the basic rules for a party outfit? What is the best...

  • Factors That Influence Your Style
    Factors That Influence Your Style
    Tuesday, 17th Aug 2010

    Finding a personal style is not easy for everyone and making a fashion statement through their everyday looks may come as ordinary and not at all unique, but at...

  • How-To & Style: Summer Office Wear
    How-To & Style: Summer Office Wear
    Saturday, 24th Jul 2010

    Business suits, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, fitted shirts, all that needs to go away from your sight in the summer season, because there's no way that anyone can...

  • Fashion Crimes in Women's Shoes
    Fashion Crimes in Women's Shoes
    Thursday, 15th Jul 2010

    We always hear everyone say what's in and what's out in fashion, but somehow those trends that should have never came in the first place, still keep a safe place...

  • Back to School Must-Have Items
    Back to School Must-Have Items
    Wednesday, 14th Jul 2010

    School is not so far away even if everyone is still in vacation, but you definitely need a new wardrobe for this year in school even if you're a freshmen, senior,...

  • How-To & Style: Baggy Pants
    How-To & Style: Baggy Pants
    Wednesday, 14th Jul 2010

    Since the summer season has already started for a while now, we need to find ways to adapt ourselves to those hot days that make us feel like the sun is taking the...

  • How-To & Style: Floral Prints
    How-To & Style: Floral Prints
    Saturday, 10th Jul 2010

    Flowers overtake the runway as soon as the Spring/Summer collections start and this time, this fashion trend makes no exception. Don't know how to style your floral...

  • Styling Tips for Redheads
    Styling Tips for Redheads
    Wednesday, 07th Jul 2010

    Everyone knows that the red inspires passion and sexiness, so by choosing a hair color like that we have to maintain that title, but unfortunately not every color...

  • How-To & Style: Boyfriend Blazer
    How-To & Style: Boyfriend Blazer
    Monday, 05th Jul 2010

    There's only one clothing item that can totally transform an outfit from banal to professional. For those who don't know, we're talking about the blazer. Not shoes,...