New Year's Party Dresses

With just a few days left until the end of 2010, getting ready for the New Year's party needs to be done perfectly even if you're in a hurry. The most important part of your outfit is definitely the dress. So what will you wear for New Year's? Check out next our ideas!
23 Dec, 2010

The New Year's party is definitely one of the most important days of the year, along with your birthday, which needs to be celebrated no matter what! Some plan ahead with months, others leave it all to faith, but still for those who haven't found yet the right dress for New Year's, here comes our advice which will help any woman, with any taste in fashion and style and any body form, so stay with us!

Choosing the right dress for the New Year's party includes different factors that can't be not taken in consideration. Firstly, the place where the party is thrown is probably one of the most important things to take in consideration. Second, the people you're partying with will influence your style choice no matter what, because you can't dress in a long glamorous gown when you're hanging out in a bar with some rockstars, right?

Red Dress

Ladies love myths and one of New Year's myths includes having luck all year long if you're wearing anything red. Whether it's your lingerie, shoes or coat, anything comes. Men love red dresses. It's a fact that men are more attracted to women who wear the little red dress, instead of the black one, so why not please the man who will find you extremely sexy and in the same time, you'll feel even more beautiful?

If you think that you're appearance is not bold enough, or if you want your outfit to be more interesting, then don't be afraid to add a splash of wild and sexy print to your look, which can come on your shoes or clutch. For the rest of your outfit, try to keep it simple, with basic jewels and black color tones.

Little Black Dress

You're probably wondering, again the LBD? Maybe you're fed up with it, but others can't get enough of it. So in case you don't have the time or money to buy a new dress, the little black dress is probably in your closet waiting for a new occasion to get out. Since the dress will probably be simple, to be appropriate to any party, you'll need to add something new to it, to make your appearance outstanding. Add a pair of really beautiful shoes, with all kinds of details, whether it's sheer or lace-up, animal prints or bursting colors, because this way your outfit will pop and truly make a statement.

Pop Colored Dress

This year grab all the attention that surrounds the room with you fun and eccentric appearance by wearing a colorful chic dress! The dress you're wearing doesn't even need to have many details, because a bold color will attract all eyes on you in a minute. Choose neon yellow, gorgeous orange, deep purple, wild green, all these colors will look fabulous on any person! Add small accessories in order not to make your outfit over the top and choose basic black pumps to go with your look.

Sheer, Lace, Sequins

Of course, try not to get them all together, but these three fashion trends took the lead all year long, so why not end the party looking absolutely fantastic wearing the top fashion trends of the year?

With sequins, your look will be astonishing and breathtaking through the glamorous touch of gold or silver. Through lace and sheer your appearance will be mysterious and elegant, yet with a revealed touch of skin, which will make your outfit sensual and seductive. For other accessories that need to be added, try to maintain everything simple, from shoes to clutch, outerwear and jewels. The make-up and hairstyle need to be on the same level, because still it's not the drama class, it's a party.

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