Must Have Items For Fall 2009

The fashion trends for this season look incredible and there are certain pieces which, if you want to look trendy, mustn't miss from your wardrobe. Find out which are the must have items for the 2009 fall season.
03 Oct, 2009

The 2009 fall season has blessed us with great looking fashion outfits. Designers have outdone themselves again this season when it comes to trendy outfits, so no wonder everyone is so excited. The 2009 fall collection has united classicism with modernism, leading to some extraordinary collections which exude glamor, class, femininity and style. The collections have all the ingredients for success.

Every woman feels the need to look and feel great, and this can be easily achieved by wearing the right outfits, the right hairstyles and makeup.
Looking good and being trendy are very important for women who want to be admired, who want to look great and fashionable, and the new fashion trends can easily help you achieve that.
The collections are meant to suit everyone's preference and style, so choose the item that takes you out of the ordinary towards extraordinary.

In order for you to look your best we have gathered a few must have items from this fall fashion collections. If you want to be trendy and be envied for your style make sure these fashion items don't miss from your wardrobe:

Dries Van Noten Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs

Trench coat

The trench is a very important and fashionable clothing item which can upgrade the look of an outfit. The trench coat should always emphasizes the beautiful lines of a woman's body by taking the bodies shape. A good cut, and a high quality material is what makes the difference between a great looking trench and a not so fabulous one. Make sure the your trench is everything you dreamed of, by choosing the right color, cut and material for you.

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are vintage pieces which I hope will never go out of style. They emphasize the womanly figure and help create an astonishingly looking body without revealing any skin. They are very classical and feminine skirts, which can do wonders for several body types. Choose a pencil skirt if it flatters your body and you will surely turn heads.

Yves Saint Laurent Balmain acid wash jeans

White cami

The white cami is your most versatile item because of the variety of ways it can be worm. Pair it with jeans, skirts, shorts or wear in under another top and you will look great. Adopt sporty, retro or casual outfits wearing your cami. Make sure your white cami isn't missing from your closet because it will sure come in handy.


A great pair of jeans is a definite must have. There is no way you can avoid wearing these perfect, stylish and comfortable pair of pants. Jeans come in a variety of styles so choose the one that flatters you best.
Try a flared pair of jeans or a skinny pair for any type of casual occasions and you will look hot.

Emanuel Ungaro Balmain


Pumps are one of my favorite type of shoes, they have a retro style with a little bit of modern touch which made them a guaranteed success. Pumps come in a variety of colors and flatter everyone.
They help emphasize the feminine figure by adding length to create a slimming effect. These shoes can be worn casually or formally so they are great, versatile and stylish shoes.


Boots will be very popular this season because let's face it, they are great. They can really help transform an outfit and they can be worn in so many ways, with skirts, jeans, tucked under or not. There are so many designs and colors to choose from it's incredible. Choose from the fashionable high thigh boots to the gorgeous ankle booties and you will look great.

All these items will ensure you will look trendy and stylish this fall. Make sure to wear your outfits differently, so try gorgeous combinations to show off your great taste in fashion style.

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