Fall Outfit Ideas for the Office

As soon as the summer’s over and autumn shows its first signs, our biggest concern is just the thought on how to be comfortable and really cozy in order not to freeze outside, even if that means compromising our style, but today we’ll focus ourselves on combining everything together, from comfort to style, at your work. So, be fashionable even in those rainy ugly days of fall, at your office!
08 Sep, 2010

High depression, changing radical moods, boredom or tediousness, are the first signs that express the vibe of the Fall/Winter season in our ordinary life, but since the fashion world is a different scenario compared to our lives, the mood here is enchanting, excellent vibe and passionate feelings, everything being wrapped into textile materials yet they shed a fascinating and charming allure.

The most important chapter in our fashion world is definitely the season of the Fall/Winter fashion shows are released. The major fashion houses leaded by highly recognized fashion designers, set off the newest trends with every season that passes by. Luxury, glamour, elegance and pure perfection are key points that every talented designer follows into their collections and inspirations.


1. Jeans

Sometimes the easiest way to feel comfortable at your work is by throwing on yourself a pair of jeans, basic top and some sneakers. Of course, that’s not possible, but we have a functional alternative to embrace the same comfy feeling into those long hours at work.

Keep your favorite pair of skinny jeans on, the color preferable is indigo and add a sophisticated top, preferably with long sleeves because it’s still fall and it’s quite cold. Over you can take a boyfriend blazer to bring the business into casual and look conservative. For shoes you should opt for a pair of stylish high heeled boots to look more professional. Also, take a maxi leather bag with small details to bring some chic accents on your outfit.


2. Heels

All the ladies know that in order to have a comfortable outfit wearing heels may become a problem here, but that won’t interfere in having the perfect sophisticated look for another day at work. The most simple and effective pair of shoes that don’t require a heel, are Oxford shoes. With a special and professional looking allure attached to them, they are perfect for everyday looks at the office.

Add a pair of carrot pants at your outfit, plus a sweater with a statement necklace and a glamorous oversized bag to match your appearance. Over you can take a trench coat in a wild, bold color to entertain yourself. Fabulous, chic and comfortable too!


3. Carrot Pants

Oversized, large, comfortable and extremely chic, are the perfect words to describe the latest trend-mania that rocks the streets, the carrot pants, but using them in a flawless outfit for work may not be really easy if you want to put your body in value properly. Choose neutral colors for the pants, something like gray, khaki, camel, beige. Add a sophisticated top with stylish details and a pair of basic black pumps. For the outerwear choose a winter with eye-catching colors that will make your outfit pop out of the ordinary.


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