Cool Accessories for School Uniforms

One of the biggest problems in today’s worries about style at school comes from highschool teenagers that are captured into their school uniforms and can’t find themselves there, but now we set free a few tips on how to spice up your uniform with fashionable accessories and cool items. Check it out next!
03 Sep, 2010

For everyone school’s the place where we grow up, find new friends and learn about what life holds for every single one of us, yet even if school is the place that tells you to be who you are, do what you want and find your own way in life, they are those that put limits on teenager’s imagination, sometimes expressed through fashion. They interdict different clothing items, they don’t allow too much accessories, release school uniforms and let’s not talk about make-up or hairstyles.

Unfortunately some of these things will never change so all we have to do is pretend to play by the rules and set ourselves free. For those school that have ugly and plain uniforms, being different is quite difficult, that’s why with the right amount of accessories you’ll shine perfectly and be yourself in the same time.

1. Necklaces & Brooches

The easiest way to make an outfit pop out of the ordinary is to play with the most eye-catching part of the look, and that’s the top part. If your school has an uniform formed by plaid skirts, uncomfortable blazers and boring shirts, than have fun with long necklaces or fabulous brooches, eccentric details or interesting combination of colors. All is allowed and no one can pick up on these accessories. You’ll look unique and presentable for school.

2. Friendship bracelets & Self-made Earrings

If you’re a fun colorful girl than a plain school uniform can stop you from showing yourself the way you are, can it? You and your friends can make all kinds of cool bracelets that will symbolize your friendship or entertaining artistic earrings and will look awesome with your school outfit.

3. Shoes

They may say what clothes to wear, but they can’t tell you in what to walk, so be confident in your latest pair of booties, grunge boots, Oxford shoes, flats, Doc Martens or even chucks. Wear what you want and how you want. If you can choose a pop color to bring accent over your appearance that would be even better, if not complete your outfit with nice accessories.

4. Hair Accessories

A person’s hairstyle is one of the key points to a successful outfit, because all the attention comes every time on the face and that’s what we want to put in value in perfect balance along with the body. Playful hairstyles may be an aspect that drives attention quickly over yourself. Enjoy the ability of changing your hairstyle so choose for accessories like headbands with studs, pearls, stones, feathers, small details that matter.

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