Christmas Office Party Outfit Ideas

Not everyone spends Christmas with their families, with their lovers or friends, sometimes there are parties thrown at the office too, but what should we wear on this occasion without looking over the top? Since it’s a special holiday your work colleagues need to see you in a different light not in everyday wear, so check out next our outfit choices for office parties!
10 Dec, 2010

Christmas is probably the most important holiday of the year, the perfect occasion to celebrate your special moments with the right people and the one season when everything around us is simply magical or wrapped out of a fairytale so why wouldn’t we take that feeling into our own appearances? Find out next which one is the best outfit choice for a Christmas party at your office!

Sequin Glam

Usually sequins are the it details that send you straight to nightlife, clubbing and parties, but to embrace elegance and sophistication into an outfit sometimes it takes more than a simple outfit and sequins might give a touch of sensuality along with an innocent Christmas feeling, perfect in the look you’re going for. In combinations with other elegant and sensibile materials, like velvet or silk, sequins will look even more glamorous and extremely luxurious.

Since with sequins your appearance will be definitely effective and will take everyone’s eyes, for hairstyle and make-up the best idea is to keep it simple and clean. Opt for a straight styling choice for your hair, an easy messy up-do or light natural looking curls.

Draping Sophistication

Draping details were one of the most wanted fashion trend of the Fall/Winter 2010 season which brought a sense of artsy complicated and dashy style to every plain outfit, so Christmas is definitely the occasion to stand out through chic draping details in your party look. Since the party you’re attending is thrown at the office and with your colleagues a splash of the business area influeneces are a must in your outfit, so a skirt might be more than appropriate because it points out the elegant detailed style you’re going for but inspired by your everyday typical fashion.

Along with details adopted in your outfit, add some impressive accessories to take your look to a whole new level. Whether it’s about your clutch, necklace or rings, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes your look be ravishing and stunning!

Bold Colors

From electric blue to radiant red, powerful orange or shiny yellow, we want it all this Christmas! But since all these together may form a beautiful disaster and a reckless rainbow, we will have to limit to less colors since the party will take place at your office. Choose a top or a skirt in a bright rich color, but lighten it up with a calming coat with simple details. For shoes take something simple and extremely elegant, pointy toe black shoes or platform grey pumps are a great option. Play along with your outfit by choosing a fun eye-catching clutch that will balance your look together by making it stand out in the same time. As a hairstyle go for pony-tail which will make you look fresh and energic while putting the colors in value.

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