Back to School Must-Have Items

School is not so far away even if everyone is still in vacation, but you definitely need a new wardrobe for this year in school even if you're a freshmen, senior, it doesn't matter because that's the best excuse for buying new clothes, right? You've got no idea what to buy for this year and what trends to follow? Don't worry, we'll give you all the information that you need!
14 Jul, 2010

Yes, vacation is still in and no, this is not our plan to ruin it for you by remembering of school, because you may think it's the worst place to be in, but think about the advantages that school brings. You can reunite with your best friends, have a laugh about your teachers, parties and proms come, and last but not least, you need to buy yourself new clothes for an entire year.

Follow us step by step and find out what are going to be this year in school's style latest fashion trends and which are worth it or not. Should you choose skirts and dresses or go for jeans? Heels or not? Back-packs or bags? Find out next!

1. Jeans

Probably it's not even worth it to talk about jeans because yes, for school they are definitely a must-have for any type of person, style, attitude etc. Whether you style them up with a pair of heels or with your All Star chucks, it doesn't matter, because they are the most versatile item in your closet that you can wear however you want and whenever you want.

Our advice is to choose a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, they work out well on any type of body and that way you can easily go for different outfits with the same pair of jeans. Take a tee-band or a feminine blouse, take some Doc Martens or some high boots, take a blazer or a hoodie, it doesn't matter, the effect will be the same, you'll look amazing!

2. Skirts

High waisted skirts are everywhere this year, and in the school style guide it's definitely a must-have. Why? They're simple to style up, easy to wear and look extremely feminine. You may choose to go for the 70's hippie-bohemian look, or a rock'n'roll side, hopeless romantic outfit, you can go for anything except for a sexy short skirt. Remember that you're going to school and a sluty outfit won't take you anywhere. Keep it sexy for a party but never for school.

3. Maxi bags

Since we're talking about fashion here, let's just say that back-packs are not the most fashionable item to carry around, even if we know it's easier. We say go for bags, and since we're talking about school, one little handbag will definitely won't be enough, unless you're packing only your lunch. That's why maxi bags take the lead this season, not only in the office wear, or shopping or even beach, but in school's style too. Try to choose a neutral colored bag just because it goes with different outfits, not only one. Choose gray, black or brown and make sure it's good quality so you don't have to change it after three months.

4. Ankle-Boots

For those that try to get away from the preppy teenager style and don't know what to choose when we're talking about shoes, we say to go for a pair of booties because fall will start soon and whether it rains or it's simply cold, ankle-boots are the best way to look fashionable and extremely chic even outside it's cold. Remember that these shoes are not only for the fall season, because as soon as the winter is over, you can walk strong into spring with your ankle booties.

Just in case you think these are not your type or if you feel that you can't walk in heels and entire school year, than go for Oxford shoes, they look stunning, elegant, perfect for school and comfortable.

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