Astrological Fashion & Beauty Guide: Taurus

You're wondering how zodiacal signs influence someone's style, make-up and hairstyle selection? Well, based on every sign's specific characteristics we can guide you to the right path on fashion and beauty. Next in our row, come the Taurus ladies. Find out how they should emphasize their unique qualities and cover flaws.
08 Jan, 2011


Taurus ladies show their sensuality in a truthfully artistic manner and since they tend to be shallow sometimes, appearances are a big part in their life. With a down-to-earth practical lifestyle, Taurus women can fall off from the fashionable side on the simply comfortable one without taking in consideration that they might adopt a carefree style that doesn't always match their personality. The patience and fixed choices they make can work in their advantage from the fashion sight too. Going for classic with small but sophisticated details, Taurus ladies can shine through simplicity like no other, because their charm and elegance glow any outfit.

Any Taurus lady should provide themselves the guilty pleasure of shopping without going over the top yet still keeping their stylish appearances at the same level with their attitude. From classic business suits to skinny jeans, chic pumps, little black dresses, Taurus women tend to choose only the must-have items, but our solution to this problem is to attach stylish accessories to a basic formed outfit. With scarves, sunglasses, vintage hats or fabulous bags, any plain look can be extremely fashionable, the key to success is to keep attention to the details.


For a minimalistic in appearances person, the Taurus woman usually prefers to keep it natural without any make-up, but she forgets that make-up doesn't just go for evenings and it doesn't simply cover a face. With basic eye-liner, a little mascara and foundation, a Taurus' working day can get more beautiful with just a little make-up touch. For night they can choose earthy shades of brown and gold on their eyes, but truth be told, a Taurus' best make-up friend is the red lipstick which comes in handy perfectly for a simplistic make-up and effective result.


Since the Taurus ladies are extremely careful with perfection and attention in details, the perfect hairstyle for them includes a flawless appearance and comfort too. The chic straight pony-tail is the best choice for an evening event and for daytime they can't go wrong with a knot comfy up-do.

Under the Taurus zodiacal sign were also born fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, sexy actress Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Dunst, Jessica Alba and Lilly Allen.

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