Astrological Fashion & Beauty Guide: Gemini

Moving on next, on the astrological fashion and beauty guide, we have the Geminians! Very unstable and insecure, the Geminians always reflect their personality through appearances but sometimes without thinking about it. Find out next which are the most appropriate styles and beauty tips for them!
11 Jan, 2011


If there's a zodiacal sign that can follow the fashion world which changes at every 6 months, then we're talking about Geminians. Never stable and always adaptable to any situation, the Geminian women play with styles, trends, colors, shapes and beauty tips without having a problem managing them all together. The result may come from a perfect chaos to a total fiasco. From the beginning of knowing a Gemini person, dealing with the duality that they show might be difficult but when they put it into fashion too, it's even more confusing.

A Geminian can easily walk around in a sweet softie chilish outfit one day and the other one in hardcore studded jacket and a pair of leather leggings. From their love life to their jobs, sometimes friends and definitely fashion, Geminians are looking for challenge and change, so in the style chapter they tend to play with new trends and eye grabbing accessories in order to rise above the ordinary. The best advice for them is to keep up the good work, but to add a few classic must-have clothes in their wardrobe because it's a waste of such a large ammount of money spent on two-season lasting clothes.

In the chromatic theme, Geminians can choose anything airy, because that describes their personality. White and creamy shades, baby blue, softie pink, flirty red are just a few colors that go well with their personality, but for night time, Geminians tend to go dark too, from black to deep purple, dark cherry red or glittery silver.


Once again, the Geminians' duality is well exposed even in the make-up selection. For daytime they may easily choose to go all natural, literally. No mascara, no foundation. But when the sun sets and the party is on, they go eccentric, dark and dramatic. All these can get a little bit over-whelming so our advice is to moderate the daytime with night look without excess. There's no problem in using a little make-up from time to time and there's no reason to a complete make-over for night either. For daytime Geminians can play with light eye-shadows that can complete their look from head-to-toe.


Since the styles and trends that Geminians adopt go from earth to space and back to earth, the perfect hairstyle that can be matched any time with their outfits and their moods, is being natural. If they have curly hair, straight hair or messy hairstyle, they will all complete their personality. Usually, Geminians tend to have a long length hair so it's even easier to style it.

From the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, to Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum and last but definitely not least, the iconic Marilyn Monroe, all these fashionable celebrities share your zodiacal sign.

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