Astrological Fashion & Beauty Guide: Cancer

For the family oriented Cancer woman it's easier to get exposed to a comfortable yet too careless style, so how should these ladies keep their style upgraded and still be ready to run from one place to another in a second? Check out next our advice on finding the perfect style and beauty tips of Cancer ladies!
24 Jan, 2011


Like a crab in its shell, the Cancer lady tends to close herself up to the world and this can lead to two different directions in fashion, finding the unique style that represents her perfectly and being on the right path or being completely out of this world when it comes to fashion. Even if people should not be characterized through appearances, the style that one adopts matters because people might understand them wrong and it can help one succeed in different aspects of life.

For daytime the appropriate fashion to adopt a working Cancer woman should be professional but very comfortable in the same time. Whether they choose a pencil skirt with a beautiful blouse or skinny jeans with chic blazer, the outfit comes perfectly for work. Heels are a must-have during work but for those that don't feel comfortable in them, they can change the option with wedges or high platform shoes. The must-have colors in a Cancer's wardrobe should contain soft shades of blue, green, yellow, orange or brown but also dark maroons, red, forest green or midnight blue.

For night's out, parties or special events the perfect outfit comes with a dress. An astonishing dress that makes the woman rise out of ordinary in a beautiful fluid shape and a wonderful color. Here, the perfect color can easily be red. Red attracts good energy which leads to good people and that can make the Cancer lady come out of its shell and feel beautiful by being herself around other people.

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Cancer ladies tend to get insecure during the years with themselves, whether they have body issues or simply it's their imagination, they see flaws and get very sensitive about them, that's why make-up can always make them feel better in any situation.
For the working ladies, a simple makeup can change their entire mood and with a little foundation, eyeliner and nude lipstick we can see the magic happening, but that's not only the effect of makeup but also the effect of a routine created in time.


The Cancer ladies can win a man's heart with a natural messy hairstyle, chaotic curly one, straight and silky hair or perfectly stable in a formal updo. Of course, these hairstyle can be adopted to certain situations but the idea is that for the Cancer women there are no rules in this chapter, because they can work out anything and anywhere.

The chromatic palette tends to overcome with red shades, from brunt orange to bright copper, but also different shades or brown might be the perfect choice for the Cancer women.

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Famous celebrity Cancers: Lindsay Lohan, Minka Kelly, Selena Gomez, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Simpson, Sophia Bush.


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