Astrological Fashion & Beauty Guide: Aries

Dynamic, cocky and extremely courageous would be the perfect words to describe all the Aries ladies, but how should they express their personality through personal style, make-up and hairstyle ? Stay with us and find out which are the best styling tips from colors to shapes and accessories for the Aries women.
08 Jan, 2011


Sometimes first impressions are all or nothing and no matter what, the best advice is to be ourselves in every situation, especially in appearances. From fashion to make-up and hairstyles chosen, every person should truly represent themselves because attitude and personality are everything even in looks, so that's why we're taking zodiacal signs in order, starting with Aries.

The strong and deeply accentuated independence of the Aries women needs to be firmly defined through the style selected and the active life that they choose will influence fashion. Always in the search for new, the Aries ladies will adopt different fashion trends in every season, from shapes to colors, every challenging new style is a must of them. For a masculine fire zodiacal sign, Aries women need to find a balance between over the top styles that they might choose and ordinary plain clothes, because they tend to get agressive even through fashion by forcing too much.

The chromatic palette that is required for an Aries woman goes straight for pop shades that express energy and boldness. The most representative colors that put in value their personality moves from daring orange to enthusiastic yellow and the bright Aries-specific red.


For such strong personalities and imposing figures, as the Aries ladies show the make-up selection needs to reach the same level and keep a flawless look. For daytime, the basic products that they should use come as simple as the entire make-up should be, foundation, concealer, eye-liner and mascara. Even for evening, the Aries women can easily go fabulous with black eye-liner that puts accent on the eyes but also with classic smokey eyes or gold and silver, shiny blues, deep purples or greens to emphasize the eyes.


You can choose from silky straight to curly rebel because any hairstyle matches an Aries' personality, but also don't be afraid to try chic trendy short haircuts because you might easily enjoy it since you're always up for a new challenge. When it comes to the color, light shades of brown with blonde touches or deep chocolate shades are preferable.

If you're wondering what star shares you're zodiacal sign you have a variety of fashionable celebs to inspire yourself, from Victoria Beckham to Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, Fergie, Emma Watson or Kate Hudson.

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