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Sophia Loren is a name most people have heard of even though she is a celebrity who debuted in movies around 1950. A true fashion icon, and sex symbol, Sophia Loren was and still is a source of inspiration for many designers and women.
07 Dec, 2009

It's been decades since Sophia Loren started her acting career and managed to conquer the hearts of men worldwide. Men adored Sophia Loren and women wanted to be her, so the madness surrounding her quickly became a worldwide fact.

This Italian beauty became a star relatively quick after she started her career and became a huge style icon and mentor for many women worldwide. It is absolutely amazing how style icon Sophia Loren managed to maintain her status until present which is something absolutely amazing. A woman's beauty and style can surpass time and this is exactly what Sophia Loren succeeded. She became a timeless style icon which will always be remembered.

Sophia Loren Sophia Loren Sophia Loren Sophia Loren

Style icon Sophia Loren started to be remarked in the mid 50's and it wasn't any surprise why. Her beautiful facial features, gorgeous body and fashion style exuded an incredible amount of sex appeal. Sophia Loren's vintage look still inspires fashion designers today which only enforces what Sophia Loren meant to the world. It's not easy to maintain a style icon status for so long but Sophia Loren managed to do so seemingly with a minimum amount of effort.

Sophia Loren had a controversial style, appearing in movies in sexy lingerie, in a time when all this was considered to be daring. It seems that Sophia was a very powerful and confident woman, a women who was not afraid of her gorgeous body and managed to defeat peoples mentality. Style icon Sophia Loren was very aware of her beauty and so she made sure to take full advantage of it by emphasizing her beauty with lovely feminine fashion outfits. Lovely dresses and skirts mainly dominated Sophia Loren's fashion style as there is a certain elegance related to this feminine style.

Sophia Loren Sophia Loren

Elegant dresses with feminine cuts emphasized Sophia Loren's style making her a sex symbol as well as a style icon. A woman worthy of admiration for her beauty, style and talent, Sophia Loren is the vintage style icon which can help women develop their own elegant style. A true muse, Sophia Loren will never be forgotten for her powerful gorgeous style and beauty.

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