Style Icon Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the sex symbol of the 50's has managed to remain in people's hearts even 40 years after her death. Her beauty, style and especially her personality made Marilyn the style icon she is even today.
14 Dec, 2009

A sex symbol of the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe managed to capture the heart of every man on the Planet through her gorgeousness and sex appeal. A girl who knew how to use her sensuality, Marilyn Monroe managed to make her name immortal as she is still known as a sex symbol, 40 some years after her death.

Marilyn Monroe took the world by surprise with her gorgeous figure, beautiful platinum blonde hair and a bubbly personality. A controversial woman who was not afraid to show off her femininity, Marilyn Monroe managed to become the first cover girl for the famous men's magazine “Playboy”. Around this time, Marilyn Monroe managed to become a style icon for many women on the planet and a dream girl for many men.

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe

Becoming a star, a sex symbol and a style icon seemed to be an effortless thing for Marilyn as she managed to capture everyone's attention wherever and whenever she made an appearance. Her feminine style, helped Marilyn Monroe become the personality and sex symbol she still is today. She managed to make herself pleasantly admired as she posed in different sensual and attractive postures like the infamous pose over the subway grating wearing a white dress. The femme fatale as most men would describe her, managed to increase her popularity when she sang Happy Birthday for the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy in 1962 wearing a beautiful sparkling tight fitting gown.

Marilyn Marilyn

Her movie appearances and success made Marilyn the style icon she was and still is today. Always wearing feminine outfits that worked to her advantage, Marilyn was a true source of inspiration for many women. Beautiful dresses that were quite modern and revealing for those times, lovely gowns, beautiful pencil skirts and pin-up outfits made Marilyn a fashion icon. With a sweetheart look, Marilyn managed to maintain good taste while expressing her sensuality and this is what made her name timeless.
A woman who seemingly will never be forgotten, Marilyn Monroe will be remembered as the beautiful and sexy blonde bomb shell of all times.

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