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"I Love Lucy" Lucille Ball managed to make her way into peoples hearts and it seems that she remained there still after all these years. Find out what helped Lucille Ball become the style icon she was and still is today.
16 Dec, 2009

Lucille Ball, the American comedian actress remained in peoples hearts through her lovely fun personality, quality movies and beautiful style. The “I Love Lucy” sitcom superstar managed to become a style icon and a source of inspiration for women worldwide.

Because a classic will never go out of style, Lucille Ball will remain a timeless style icon for women worldwide. In a time where elegant attire was among the top choices, Lucille Ball exuded elegance and style. A diva of those times, Lucille Ball enchanted everyone with her good looks, fashion as well as bubbly personality.

Lucille Ball Lucille Ball

With lovely pencil skirts, gorgeous glam dresses and lovely pant and skirt suits created Lucille's favorite attire. A woman who adored being elegant as every woman should be, Lucille Ball managed to be very feminine in her outfits even though they were not at all revealing.

This 1940's diva filled peoples hearts with joy through her appearances, one of the reasons people still enjoy watching her movies.
A woman with an incredibly powerful and pleasant personality, Lucille Ball will remain in history as a style icon of the past.
Because her career lasted for decades, Lucille Ball adapted her fashion style to the present, always being trendy, stylish and elegant at the same time.

Lucille Ball Lucille Ball

Maintaining such an important status that of a stile icon over years and years is very difficult but it seems that Lucille Ball managed to do so effortlessly. A woman who knew what femininity was all about, Lucille Ball always looked fabulous and took the time she needed to perfect her style.

Since vintage fashion styles are making a comeback, Lucille Ball's fashion style can act as a great source of inspiration for women around the world.
A diva of the past and present, Lucille Ball will always be remembered dearly for what she represented.

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