Style Icon Giovanna Battaglia

Are you flirting with the idea of sporting a more versatile and colorful chic style and you need some inspiration? Then take a glimpse at L'Uomo Vogue editor Giovanna Battaglia who has the gift of mastering the style transitions and accessorizing. Devote a few minutes to this aspiring modern day style icon.
20 Oct, 2009

Going from model to successful editor is not a novelty in the world of fashion. Indeed the ex-D&G model managed to set the foundations of a great career already at the age of 28. Giovanna Battaglia besides being the great mastermind behind the L'Uomo Vogue also proved to be a great experimentalist when it comes of different styles. Besides constantly being up to date with the latest inventions she succeeds in adding her personal groove to her attires.

Similarly to other natural born stylist talents it seems that her road to become a real icon is not so long as many would have thought. Indeed age has nothing to do with sophisticated taste and fashion. Her admirable courage lies in the series of revolutionary and breath-taking apparels as well as the artistry to match shades and patterns into real glam style mosaics.

It is indeed pretty difficult to label her style. The multitude of trends as well as accessories and designs rule out the chance for any cliches and generalizations. Undoubtedly all of her outfits would deserve a unique descriptions. Only one aspects seems to coincide in all cases, this is the class and finesses with which she manages to organize her outfits.

Being true-to-her calling, she sports masculine accessories and clothing pieces with great femininity. The skinny jeans or the plaid preppy style Prada pants are vital pieces of her wardrobe. The signature accessories as scarves and gloves further polish her look.

Giovanna Battaglia is one of the few contemporary style icons who's brave enough to sport the same outfit pieces all over again but in a brand new combination repeatedly re-innovating the look. Playing different tunes for the same theme she popularizes the romantic sensuality as well as the cosmopolitan glam. All these tints harmonize in a great art piece, subsequently portraying a new Giovanna for the great public.

The matte and often minimalist look seems to perfectly please the L'Uomo Vogue editor since there's the attitude that can always personify the looks and add a personal dazzle that will make these apparels unique. The effect of the knee-length dresses is upgraded by the chic accessories and the killer heels. Certainly Giovanna follows the 'let the accessories speak for themselves' principle which promotes a discrete use of these apparently minuscule details.

Layering is one of her basic mottos when planning her outfit. Done with refined taste and skills she manages to also emphasize what's under. Besides the classy and neutral-colored pieces we'll find wardrobe staples of vivid shades. However it seems that the result is not edgy due to the fact that she usually spots one colorful pieces and adapts the accessories and mild colored clothes to this indicator.

Birkin bags have an esteemed place in her wardrobe. Pairing them with simple and overwhelming attires, add a charming stardust to her outfits. Giovanna Battaglia on the peak of her style icon career manages to venture in the world of colorful and chic designs and fashion fantasies.

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