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Who would best represent a decade of attitude, style and personality when it comes to the late '70s and the early '80s? That person would certainly be Debbie Harry, the one who succeeded to transform her person into a true fashion moment. She’s not only the girl from Blondie, a band which revolutionized the world of music by using videos. She’s not only the girl who hang out down at Studio 54, a factory girl of her own, side by side with Andy Warhol, the pop-art god who changed the taste of art in that period. She is the story of a city, she tells the story of a very independent, quirky and strong person.
10 Nov, 2009

Are you by any chance wondering what exactly has Debbie got to do with style and fashion? Well, her style seems to have been the perfect ingredient to her public appearances. And the funny, yet not so awkward thing is, she predicted things which find continuity in today’s fashion, just like we have seen on runways: Louis Vuitton, Giles and Chloé for autumn/winter 2009 or Marc Jacobs with his acid brights.

Her style meant something between punk fashion and a certain childish purity. Over the years, she could be seen wearing disco party dresses, vintage tops, plenty of ripped T-shirts with subversive slogans, as a part of her punkish style, all sort of prints matched with over-the-knee black leather boots, which are so in today. She can be easily called the predecessor of today celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Karen O, Avril Lavigne, Madonna or Ashlee Simpson, MIA, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

One way or another, the world keeps paying tribute to Debbie Harry. Even if nowadays she’s not that rebellious and her punk-glam attitude turned softer, she keeps being active on the social scene. Besides numerous acting roles, Debbie Harry is involved in the Viva Glam VI campaign, signed MAC Cosmetics. This social campaign seems to donate every penny to MAC Aids Fund, helping people with AIDS worldwide. The cutting-edge icon of the 80’s, Debbie Harry, has still something to say!

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