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Coco Chanel can be considered one of the greatest fashion designers of all times. She has a very unique style for the 1930's and she expressed elegance without being uncomfortable. Find out what made Coco the style icon she was and still is today.
23 Oct, 2009

Coco Chanel has been a style icon of her times as well as present times, being a muse and a source on inspiration for many fashion designers even today. She was considered to be the mother of elegance and style, since she revolutionized the fashion world with her gorgeous fashion designs.

Coco Chanel was one of the greatest and most talented fashion designers of those times, and it seems that her impact over fashion and vision still persists today through the work of other fashion designers working for the Chanel brand.

Chanel has been transformed by Coco into an empire in fashion as well as cosmetics. The name Chanel is associated with luxury, high quality and style.
Coco had a very distinct and elegant fashion style. She revolutionized the fashion world and has created timeless designs that are still very trendy. She tried to fuse style, elegance and comfort and she was indeed successful. Her suits were extremely elegant, comfortable and had a very powerful and attractive feel.

Chanel Coco Chanel

One of Coco's creations which is still one of the most popular fashion item is the little black dress. Coco has created a fashion item which is probably present in every woman's closet. Because of it's simplicity, elegance and style exuded by this extraordinary dress, Coco will always be remembered. She considered fashion to be a top priority as she did not give up her work until she passed away in 1971. Because of her talent, style and dedication the name Chanel still remains one of the most powerful names in the fashion industry.

Coco has always chosen elegance and comfort over anything else and knew the importance of fashion accessories. She took masculine influenced outfits and transformed them into lovely feminine wear. Accessories are very important since they complete and upgrade the look of an outfit, and Coco was always seen wearing accessories. Hats, gorgeous pearl necklaces, gloves, bangles, broaches, you name it, Coco knew how to wear them and enhance her gorgeous fashion style.
If you are looking for a source of inspiration and a style icon, Coco can offer you the perfect example of elegance and class.

Coco Coco Chanel

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