Style Icon Chanel Iman

Supermodel Chanel Iman is capturing more and more attention due to her incredible style and fashion sense. Find out what makes Chanel Iman a style icon so you can inspire yourself and upgrade your style.
17 Feb, 2010

Style icon Chanel Iman has managed to achieve this title at a relatively young age. A supermodel of our times, Chanel Iman managed to succeed and become known at the age of 16 when she landed her first Vogue Cover shoot.

Chanel Iman managed to achieve one of her all time dreams and one of every models dreams, and became an angel, a Victoria's Secret Angel. Becoming an Angel is not easy as only the hottest and most wanted models receive this chance. Revolving around the high end fashion world since such a young age can aid in developing an incredible fashion style.

Chanel Iman Iman Chanel Chanel

Style icon Chanel Iman managed to develop an incredible good sense of fashion. It seems that Chanel has a unique way of combining different fashion items to create unique outfits that match her style perfectly. Iman seems to experiment with different styles going from feminine to casual chic without any problem. She looks dazzling with anything she wears, as all of her outfits are perfectly mixed and matched to create unique, eye catching and stylish attire.

Chanel Chanel

Style icon Chanel Iman is blessed with a great body, gorgeous hair and beautiful facial features so no wonder everything looks good on her. This quality makes her one of the most wanted models of the present, being booked for the most important designer fashion presentations. Because of her incredible fashion style, cute dresses, leather jackets, masculine shirt outfits, leggings, gorgeously combined, Chanel Iman has become a style icon and a great source of inspiration for teenagers and girls all over the world.
Do inspire yourself when it comes to fashion from Chanel as she is indeed a true fashion icon and muse.

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