Style Icon Carrie Bradshaw

An iconic figure that represents women from around the world through her independence, fashion sense and of course, good taste in men, was without a doubt, through the years, Carrie Bradshaw. With the most outstanding styles combined together and a major obsession for shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker has managed to become a representative image for modern women in Sex and The City.
10 May, 2010

When we're talking about women's TV shows we all know that one comes on top for every single lady around the world, and that's Sex and the City. Why? Because it's women's dream to get in other woman's head, to think, watch and feel the same as her, and what better way than to become for one day Carrie, the shoe-aholic maniac, Samantha, the sex-aholic party lady, Miranda, the workaholic redhead or last but not least, Charlotte, a true bridezilla. With a true friendship like these four ladies got, sharing everything doesn't seem bad and diverse opinions from such unique creatures make us realise how hard to understand women really are.

Carrie Bradshaw was not just another fictional character in a drama TV show. Carrie was more than that. A true New Yorker bachelor girl ready to party, hang out with her girlfriends, complete her career as a writer and hit in the wall of love. The TV show made a huge impact over women's lives and fashion world in the same time.

With her modern appeal mixed with vintage and classiness, Carrie's outfits were an inspiration for our fashion designers. Her sexy and revealing appearances or her walk in the park type of clothes made her style more diverse and going from animal prints to flower flirty or from see-through to leather seemed very easy to wear for a woman with such a bold attitude and personality like Carrie Bradshaw.

For a true fashionista like Carrie Bradshaw the secret of getting the perfect outfit stands into details. Accessories have always been the most outstanding piece in a woman's appearance, but Carrie sure knew how to take it to extremes. Playing with colors, hairstyles, maxi flower broaches, stunning purses, elegant jewelry and last, but the most important thing, the perfect pair of shoes, she's got it all under control every time even if her life was a real roller coaster.

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