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A name with resonance is fashion journalism, Ana Wintour has managed to become a style icon for women around the world. Find out what makes U.S Vogue editor-in-chief Ana Wintour a fashion muse.
17 Dec, 2009

The editor-in-chief for the the well known fashion magazine U.S Vogue, Ana Wintour has managed to maintain her important position for two decades. Such a position requires a certain powerful and confident character and Ana Wintour seems to be the best example for this type of personality as she has seemingly been the source of inspiration for books and movie adaptations like “The Devil Wears Prada”.

Ana Wintour started having an interest towards fashion and journalism since her teenager years and has channeled her energy towards becoming one of the most important fashion editors in the world. Anna believed that a person either knows or doesn't know fashion, and it seems that she was and still is very good at what she does.

Ana Wintour Ana Wintour

Being an editor-in-chief for Vogue is something amazing which requires exceptional fashion knowledge and Ana Wintour seems to know more than a thing or two about fashion. A woman who has never been seen dressed with pour taste, Ana Wintour has become a style icon and a major source of inspiration for fashion.

Elegance and high-end fashion characterize best Ana Wintour's style as she is in contact with everything that is fashion. Having the amount of fashion knowledge Ana Wintour possesses can only lead to having an impeccable fashion style. Classic feminine outfits, lovely elegant classic cut dresses and fur coats seem to be the top choice of Ana Wintour.

Ana Wintour Ana Wintour Ana Wintour Ana Wintour

With a personal style, Ana Wintour has always captured attention as she exudes style and elegance. It is amazing how Ana manages to maintain such a youthful appearance and allow herself to mold her style to the current trends even though her outfits mostly lean towards the classical zone.
Style icon Ana Wintour will always act as a source of inspiration for women as her fashion taste never went wrong and this is something that is exceptionally difficult. Elegance, class and individuality are the best words to describe style icon Ana Wintour.

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