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Wonder what a style icon is? A fashion freak, fashion victim or an actress? But style icons are much more then that. Style icons have the whole package: inspiration, personality, creativity and confidence. Style icons are true goddesses of fashion – style icons don't follow the fashion trends, they create them. Get to know fashion's biggest style icons of the past and present.

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  • Style Icon Jackie O
    Style Icon Jackie O
    Thursday, 01st Oct 2009

    First ladies charm us with their refined allure, however there are the chosen ones as Jackie Kennedy who enter the history of fashion with their unique and mass...

  • Style Icon Audrey Hepburn
    Style Icon Audrey Hepburn
    Tuesday, 29th Sep 2009

    How could anyone forget Holy Golightly the adorable fashion and luxury addict character portrayed by one of the goddesses of fashion, style icon Audrey Hepburn.

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