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Wonder what a style icon is? A fashion freak, fashion victim or an actress? But style icons are much more then that. Style icons have the whole package: inspiration, personality, creativity and confidence. Style icons are true goddesses of fashion – style icons don't follow the fashion trends, they create them. Get to know fashion's biggest style icons of the past and present.

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  • Style Icon Sophia Loren
    Style Icon Sophia Loren
    Monday, 07th Dec 2009

    Sophia Loren is a name most people have heard of even though she is a celebrity who debuted in movies around 1950. A true fashion icon, and sex symbol, Sophia Loren...

  • Style Icon Alexa Chung
    Style Icon Alexa Chung
    Monday, 07th Dec 2009

    Alexa Chung, the British television presenter and fashion icon has managed to succeed in developing her own gorgeous quirky style and she looks fabulous. A girl...

  • Style Icon Tom Ford
    Style Icon Tom Ford
    Saturday, 28th Nov 2009

    One of today’s most influential designers, Tom Ford was the name behind Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent, and nowadays, the name behind its own brand, called also Tom...

  • Jayne Mansfield Pin-up Style Icon
    Jayne Mansfield Pin-up Style Icon
    Monday, 07th Dec 2009

    Jayne Mansfield was known for her beauty, style and quickly managed to make a star of herself. Pin-up girls had a certain sexiness related and Jayne Mansfield was...

  • Style Icon Dree Hemingway
    Style Icon Dree Hemingway
    Saturday, 28th Nov 2009

    Dree Hemingway looks gorgeous, has a family background easy to envy, a career one could only dream of. She is a formal ballet dancer and an actual fresh model. Her...

  • Style Icon Ingrid Bergman
    Style Icon Ingrid Bergman
    Monday, 16th Nov 2009

    Ingrid Bergman became a very successful actress staring in various movies that have helped transform her into the style icon she is today. Find out what made Ingrid...

  • Style Icon Victoria Beckham
    Style Icon Victoria Beckham
    Wednesday, 18th Nov 2009

    Vintage and elegant fashion styles are among the most popular styles at the moment and one celebrity who seems to look fabulous wearing this style is Victoria Beckham....

  • Style Icon Sarah Jessica Parker
    Style Icon Sarah Jessica Parker
    Tuesday, 17th Nov 2009

    Sarah Jessica Parker has made herself remarked due to her incredible fashion style. It seems Sarah has developed a passion for fashion and this passion is transmitted...

  • Style Icon Debbie Harry
    Style Icon Debbie Harry
    Tuesday, 10th Nov 2009

    Who would best represent a decade of attitude, style and personality when it comes to the late '70s and the early '80s? That person would certainly be Debbie Harry,...