Alexander McQueen - A Tribute to His Work

One of the fashion world's brightest lights Alexander McQueen was found dead, after he committed suicide at the age of 40. McQueen was found this morning dead in his own house. Check out here the most remarkable and artistic looks from his career in the fashion industry, a tribute to Alexander McQueen's work!
11 Feb, 2010

Everybody knows that for designers, creating fashion is not only a way of living it’s a way to escape from ordinary problems and to recapture themselves into another world by mixing reality, imagination and art all together.

Alexander McQueen was definitely one of the most versatile and genius fashion designers when it comes to his collections. He took pieces of clothing and created works of art walking down the runway. The British fashion designer committed suicide days before London Fashion Week and a few days after his mother died. We assume that he was overwhelmed with stress, pessimism, emotions and confusion so that’s why he probably did what he did.

We are not going to comment more about his suicide, we’ll leave him rest in peace and we are going to hope that he’s in a better place. Now let’s enjoy remembering all the good times and shocking moments from his career in fashion industry.

Of course, we are starting the flash back with his latest collection the Spring/Summer 2010 one in women’s wear because with this line, Alexander McQueen, puts the biggest mark for himself to be an artist and then a fashion designer. He combines in this collection art with technology and fashion in the same time.

With this line he tries to not limit his creativity and in the same time, McQueen wants to change the way that people judge other people. He is definitely a master of fabric because she chooses the most beautiful and stunning material and transforms them in futuristic and architectural designs.

The main pieces of the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection was not only the structural and graphic abstract printed dresses, the shoes where those that made us appreciate even more Alexander McQueen even if no one would’ve thought that those divine shoes are going to be wore by someone. Of course, Lady Gaga was the first to want them and she got them too. In her “Bad Romance” music video we see her wearing the lobster-claw shaped "Armadillo" shoes, also called the “monster” shoes.

These shoes were loved by some people and some criticized them too, but you know what they say “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” The craziest thing now is that some women are actually thinking about buying them too.

Another Alexander McQueen’s Collection that made a huge impression was the Fall/Winter 2009/2010 one. If he got us used with previous romantic collections taken to another level of high fashion this time comes out with a very dramatic line. We can feel confused emotions coming out from this collection like anger or violence given by the powerful colors or those crazy mixes between plaids, different types of stripes and abstract prints. In the same time we can feel a dramatic humor brought out from the Fall ’09 collection and this way the anger and the humor balance out the looks.

The Fall/Winter 2008/2009 Collection had a major success for Alexander McQueen. He was inspired by Queen Victoria, the Duke of Wellington or the Indian Empire and all these were the base of a stunning yet romantic collection. “I made up this story of a girl who lives in it and comes out of the darkness to meet a prince and become a queen." says McQueen.

The most important thing about Alexander McQueen was that he never compromised his fashion designs. He didn’t care about those people who criticize him because his collections are for those who are able to understand fashion and art together, not separately.

With this we say goodbye to our unique, brilliant and genius fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. We are very sorry that his life has ended so quickly because we are sure that he would’ve still amazed us with many, many stunning designs. We give our condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Alexander McQueen!

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