60s Style Icon Twiggy

Deer-like eyes, super-slender shape and adorable innocence, these traits come into our mind when we think of one of the most sought-after 60s style icons Twiggy. A living legend who offered so much inspiration for the great designers that she was claimed the all time fashion muse of history. Let's take a look at Twiggy's unique fashion style.
03 Oct, 2009

Leslie Hornby known as the Tweety-like Twiggy to the huge public, became a supermodel at a fragile age. Way back in 1966 she was discovered and already named the Face of '66 by the prestigious Daily Express. She managed to conquer the world with her beautiful puppy eyes and her androgynous figure.

Photographs as well as designers venerated the fashion-icon-to-be, a skinny girl who could wear anything still look gorgeous. The catwalk was made for her, still after 4 years in the hard business, she decided to hang up her jacket and accept only special offers for collaboration.

Fashion gurus knew that there was time for a revolution. Consequently they used Twiggy's name as a brand to promote non-conformism, extravagance as well as originality. Her sylph-like figure was an inspiration for great designers, today she might resemble the 0-size models, being both boyish still ultra girlie.

Her name is echoed even nowadays, pixie bob hairstyles are reinvented by famous hairstylists, look at Sienna Miller and Agyness Deyn who apparently express their tribute to Twiggy with their voguish hairstyles. Fashion junkie celebrities seem to embed the style-conscious 'it' girl's wardrobe basics into both their casual and high brow attires.

As the first supermodel and the most photographed face of the world, Twiggy posed on the covers of Vogue, Seventeen, Newsweek, you name it! Being the symbol of innocence and purity, she refused to appear in sassy and indecent clothes. Always adopting the doll style, she brightened up the fashion scene with her bright colored miniskirts and Mod fashion. Combining the charming sex-appeal with the childish innocence Twiggy and skilled photographs managed to promote what a real model success-story really meant.

The ex-model, actress and singer was the forerunner of the Boho-chic style, extremely worshiped nowadays. The wardrobe of a Twiggy and Mod fans would basically include the following crops: earth tones and warm colored clothes, hippie elements as floral and geometrical patterns were must have accessories of her outfits. Miniskirts were indeed her signature clothes, as well as colored dresses decorated with bows and ribbons, buttons and zippers. Over-sized sunglasses, tone bags and hoop earrings immediately upgraded her casual attires.

The now 60 years old ex-model seems to find her well-deserved place in the media. Often accepting different roles in TV series as well as spreading her model experience as one of the judges in the ultra-popular show America's Next Top Model. Moreover she continues to promote the collections of Marks and Spencer.

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