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Wonder what a style icon is? A fashion freak, fashion victim or an actress? But style icons are much more then that. Style icons have the whole package: inspiration, personality, creativity and confidence. Style icons are true goddesses of fashion – style icons don't follow the fashion trends, they create them. Get to know fashion's biggest style icons of the past and present.

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  • Style Icon Cindy Crawford
    Style Icon Cindy Crawford
    Saturday, 12th Jun 2010

    A supermodel and a source of inspiration for many women, Cindy Crawford manages to show the world that beauty is ageless and that she deserves to be a true style...

  • Style Icon Carrie Bradshaw
    Style Icon Carrie Bradshaw
    Monday, 10th May 2010

    An iconic figure that represents women from around the world through her independence, fashion sense and of course, good taste in men, was without a doubt, through...

  • Style Icon Chanel Iman
    Style Icon Chanel Iman
    Wednesday, 17th Feb 2010

    Supermodel Chanel Iman is capturing more and more attention due to her incredible style and fashion sense. Find out what makes Chanel Iman a style icon so you can...

  • Alexander McQueen - A Tribute to His Work
    Alexander McQueen - A Tribute to His Work
    Thursday, 11th Feb 2010

    One of the fashion world's brightest lights Alexander McQueen was found dead, after he committed suicide at the age of 40. McQueen was found this morning dead in...

  • House of Versace -  the Book
    House of Versace - the Book
    Wednesday, 03rd Feb 2010

    The book entitled “House of Versace, The Untold Story of Genius, Murder and Survival” by Deborah Ball has been launched, that tells the story of the late designer...

  • Style Icon Lou Doillon
    Style Icon Lou Doillon
    Wednesday, 20th Jan 2010

    When it comes to describing Lou Doillon’s style, no better words fit than her own: “I used to put Indian leggings under short dresses, worn with tiny Grateful...

  • Style Icon Ana Wintour
    Style Icon Ana Wintour
    Thursday, 17th Dec 2009

    A name with resonance is fashion journalism, Ana Wintour has managed to become a style icon for women around the world. Find out what makes U.S Vogue editor-in-chief...

  • Style Icon Lucille Ball
    Style Icon Lucille Ball
    Wednesday, 16th Dec 2009

    "I Love Lucy" Lucille Ball managed to make her way into peoples hearts and it seems that she remained there still after all these years. Find out what helped Lucille...

  • Style Icon Marilyn Monroe
    Style Icon Marilyn Monroe
    Monday, 14th Dec 2009

    Marilyn Monroe, the sex symbol of the 50's has managed to remain in people's hearts even 40 years after her death. Her beauty, style and especially her personality...

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