Valentino Couture 2010 Shoes

Valentino is a "heavy" name in the fashion industry and his 2010 couture shoe collection can only prove it as the amazing and innovative style of the shoes featured in the collection captured everyone's attention.
08 Feb, 2010

Valentino couture 2010 shoe collection has managed to capture everyone's attention through their wonderful and feminine design. The concept of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli's work for the well known fashion house Valentino seems to be futuristic/fictional but the shoe designs matched the style of the collection perfectly.

Shoes have a very important role in the aspect of an outfit as they have the role to complete the look. The wrong pair of shoes can make an outfit look disastrous, and this is something everyone wants to avoid. Valentino's couture 2010 shoe collection looks incredible as the feminine designs match the style of the collection perfectly and blend in well with the outfits.
There are two basic shoe style differentiated through the design as well as materials used for creation. Both shoe styles are meant to capture attention and enhance the look of the outfits as well as attract attention towards the legs.

Valentino Couture 2010 Valentino Couture 2010 Valentino Couture 2010 Valentino Couture 2010

The first shoe design introduced on the catwalk looked absolutely stunning; beautiful swirling chiffon hugged the leg about ankle high and attracted attention through the wonderful vivid coloration and cute bow finishing in the back. Chiffon is an unusual fabric to be used in shoe design but it seems that this fabric worked wonderfully for Valentino's Couture 2010 collection. A high platform and a pencil thin heel aided the feminine style of the shoe, attracting attention and creating a slimming effect which most women could benefit from. Of course there were variations of this style, some chiffon shoes actually looked like a part of the outfit, making the look appear quite interesting and sexy.

Valentino Couture 2010 Valentino Couture 2010

The second shoe style featured in the collection had a simpler look; the strappy sandals looked like swirling up the leg to create a soft and feminine look. The colors of this shoe style were much brighter than on the previous one so they were design to capture attention. The color coordination and the cut out design made the strappy ankle high heel sandals adorable and a delight to watch. This second shoe style was designed to suit casual as well as more formal occasion, making them perfect for every day wear.

Valentino is known for the gorgeous designs featured in each one of the collections baring this name so don't hesitate to opt for this couture style shoes whenever the occasion calls. Beautiful, bold, interesting and stylish, Valentino's 2010 couture shoe collection is worth every bit of attention.
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