"The Invisible Shoe" by Andreia Chaves

New conceptions in footwear’s fashion have taken wearable designs into another world where the typical “art meets fashion” theme is showed through Andreia Chaves’s, unseen before, perspective. Check out next these fascinating invisible shoes!
26 Mar, 2010

Coming out strong with innovative creations and fantastic imagination, a new excellent designer has been spotted. Andreia Chaves, a Brazilian footwear designer had a huge success over the internet, fashion blogs and not only, with modern ideas formed by her unique conceptions about footwear.

These fantastic works of art called “The Invisible Shoes” may be simply low cut wedge boots but the visual effects given by their flexible mirrors attached takes them to another level and by making them able to camouflage into, Andreia Chaves finds a land untouched before in footwear fashion.

"The fact that I grew up in a chaotic city like Sao Paulo, full of contrasts, being in contact with such diversity and constant exposure to different visual inputs, has inspired me in how I think and conceptualize my shoes.”

As you can see, according to Andreia Chaves, her inspiration comes out from big city life where we all know that modern gets over rated and fashion is mixed with art even on the street and contrasts are combined together, from texture, materials to colors and details.

Other than her "Invisible Shoes", she came out with more visual effects on footwear that have an abstract touch. The "Prism Shoe", the "Form & Texture Shoe" ,the "Velcro Shoe" or the "Twirled" one are just a few ideas for a futuristic shoe line that brings fashion into another level. Mirrors, wood, leather or metal are some of the materials used to create these fantastic works of art.

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