Roberto Cavalli Spring 2010 Shoes

Shoes have the power to complete the look of an outfit and this is exactly what Roberto Cavalli's spring summer 2010 shoe collection is trying to create, a well balanced casual and stylish collection. Find out what differentiated this years collection from what Roberto Cavalli had people used to.
07 Dec, 2009

Roberto Cavalli, the heavy name in the fashion industry has managed to create his empire through talent, hard work and high quality, luxurious designs. It's a well known fact that Roberto Cavalli's work doesn't stop only at fashion, but his talent and style is implemented into accessories and perfumes.

Roberto Cavalli spring 2010 shoe collection matches the unique and different style of Cavalli's season fashion collection. For the 2010 spring summer season Cavalli has strained away from the style that he got us used to and leaned towards a more toned down, casual collection. Roberto Cavalli's spring 2010 shoe collection is meant to suit perfectly the casual style of the collection to obtain a perfectly balanced style.

Cavalli shoes Roberto Cavalli 2010 shoes Roberto Cavalli Roberto Cavalli 2010 shoes

Wooden platform sandals dominated the collection. Well, the sound of the shoes might make you think boring but there is absolutely nothing boring about this shoes. The shoes feature a very interesting design which captures attention. The wooden platform shoes appear to be carved in a very architectural way, and the modern look is emphasized by the gorgeous sandal appearance.

Ankle straps gently hug the leg and offer it a very sexy and attractive look. Straps or materials beautifully complete the style of the collection making Roberto Cavalli's fashion presentation a delight to watch. Women need stylish, comfortable and casual shoes to complete their casual attire and Roberto Cavalli's spring 2010 shoe collection can most definitely help you expand your choice.

Cavalli 2010 spring shoes Cavalli shoes

The chromatic of Roberto Cavalli spring 2010 shoe collection is mostly neutral. Brown, beige and white offer the collection the soft look needed to suit and complement the style of the fashion collection.

Casual chic elegance and style are the basic characteristics of Roberto Cavalli spring 2010 shoe collection, so if you love shoes and Roberto Cavalli's fashion designs you will fall in love with his shoe collection in no time.
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