Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Shoes

Marc Jacobs has created a very interesting and unique shoes collection for the upcoming spring season. Find out more about Marc Jacobs 2010 shoe collection.
12 Oct, 2009

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 shoe collection can be easily distinguished because of it's unique style and innovative shoe designs. We are living in a modern world and it seems that Marc Jacobs wanted to underline change, style and distinction. We are all different so we need to wear shoes which defines us as individuals. The incredible shoe collection Marc Jacobs created is meant to help women achieve that unique look.

The colors used in his 2010 spring shoe collection are very warm. He used light colors like white, silver, sand, soft pink as well as darker tones like burgundy, black, navy. The most interesting part of the collection being that the shoes are mostly flats, only not just any type of flats. They are very interesting designs which seem, at first glimpse bizarre, but they are actually lovely. They help attract desired attention through their different style, and being different and unique is not a bad thing anymore.

Marc Jacobs Shoes Marc Jacobs Spring Shoe Collection

The flip flop effect shoe designs give a certain sexy and futuristic allure, because of the faux flip flop design and the multiple barrettes which hug the legs or the ankles,applied to ensure stability and comfort. The sole of the shoes have very distinctive characteristics. Some shoes present a double looking sole, one smaller that the other, while others have incorporated a small heel in order to offer the legs a sexier posture.

Marc Jacobs 2010 Marc Jacobs Spring Shoes

It seems that designers are trying to take us out of the routine, in order to be able to be ourselves and wear whatever suits your taste. It is not all about the same patterns anymore, nowadays it's all about style and individuality. Powerful, futuristic and unique women will rock Marc Jacobs spring collection shoes.
Dare to be different and express yourself through fashion because if you are yourself and wear things which characterize you, you can't go wrong.

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