Luella Spring 2010 Shoes

This 2010 spring summer season designers have featured mostly modern shoe designs featuring platforms and high heels but Luella came and offered a more classical alternative for women who love vintage and classic styles.
09 Dec, 2009

Luella Bartley has pleasantly surprised it's fans with a vintage fashion collection which exuded style and joy. Seemingly taken out of a 1960's movie, Luella spring 2010 collection differentiates itself from the other styles featured by other fashion designers through it's classical doll like style. The attire of the perfect elegant wife, Luella spring 2010 fashion collection was completed by fabulous vintage styled accessories.

Luella spring 2010 shoe collection is meant to perfectly complete the vintage 60's style of the collection. Beautiful slingbacks and pumps featuring a slightly pointed front paraded down the runway in a spectacular presentation. Medium high heels gave a certain elegance that the vintage style required without making the shoes loose their vintage feel.

Luella 2010 Luella 2010

This year the shoe trends were mostly about platforms and high heels but Luella strayed away from this style and tried a different more interesting approach with simple style elegant shoes. Because the shoes definitely needed a little bit of glam Luella opted for color to glam up the shoe collections style.

Polka dots, flowers and bows added a bit of fun to the shoes emphasizing their vintage style. The collection lacked modernism, the collection was all about style and classicism. The shoes look gorgeous and they exude comfort, which is a characteristic women crave for.

Luella 2010 Luella 2010 Luella 2010 Luella 2010

Suede and leather emphasized the elegant style of the collection and helped give a nicely polished look to the collection. The chromatic of the collection is very attractive as it is all about pastels. Warm tone colors like blue, pink, red and brown aided the collection's style. Monochromes could not have missed from the collection as these are timeless, elegant and classic toned used in every elegant collections.

Luella spring 2010 shoe collection offers an alternative to the modern shoe styles fashion designers have gotten us used to so don't hesitate to benefit from this lovely classical yet fun shoe collection perfect for the spring summer season.
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