John Galliano Fall 2009 Shoes

Check out the John Galliano fall 2009 shoes - with sky high heels and double platform shoes from the designer's ready-to-wear 2009 fall collection!
22 Sep, 2009

John Galliano always manages to bring up something new, and for his fall 2009 collection, snow was the perfect element to emphasize a wonderful fashion line.

The John Galliano fall 2009 shoes was inspired by the Russian-Balkan folklore.
The show was a truly spectacular one, completing the line of work regarding Alexander Wang’s shoes.

With a rather daunting height of the heels, many people wondered exactly how these shoes are supposed to be worn, but when it comes to art, who can really disclaim one’s vision?

John Galliano fall 2009 shoe collection features wood soles, lace up shoes with the single pom pom details, skinny metallic heels. There was a specific pair of shoes that seemed to be floating, a leather heart shoe, with a cut out and that double platform that gave the illusion of floating.

This collection is very well integrated in the general trend featuring super high platforms and heels, all in bold, glossy, eccentric and edgy designs.

What Galliano reinvented and turned into magic was the wedges, the combination of metallic leather, pompoms and wood, all respecting, in a certain manner, the folkloric and the traditional Russian attitude, but in a great and innovative way.

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