John Galliano 2010 Spring Shoes

A genius of the fashion world, John Galliano has managed to surprise the fashion world with interesting and innovative designs and presentations. A designer with a high amount of imagination and talent, Galliano's shoe collection is most definitely worth every bit of time spent admiring.
11 Dec, 2009

A Michelangelo of today's fashion, John Galliano manages to surprise every single season with wonderful fashion collections which exude style, luxury and innovation. John Galliano is a genius in the fashion world as his imagination is so rich. A master of color coordination, Galliano has managed to beautifully combine colors that we couldn't have imagined one next to another.

With a very intriguing presentation, almost theatrical like, Galliano manages to enchant the eyes of his viewers through unique fashion designs beautifully transposed on the runway podium. It seems that for Galliano the visual impact and the way his collections are presented are of equal importance as the details of his collection. Indeed he makes fashion more than just a simple demonstration of designer talent.

John Galliano

John Galliano's fashion collection for the spring summer season was filled with style and ingenuity, and so the collection desperately needed to be complemented by a spectacularly elegant shoe collection featuring a sexy yet vintage style.
The style chosen for John Galliano spring 2010 shoe collection is vintage high heel platform pumps which look fabulous.

The surprise of the pumps featured in John Galliano's shoe collection relied on the heel style. A never before seen heel which appeared as being made out of oversized pearl beads looked fabulous. Ankle straps and cute bows helped give a very interesting fun vintage look that looked amazingly hot.

John Galliano John Galliano John Galliano

The high platform emphasized the pumps style, making them highly visible as well as admired. The materials used were mostly leather, patent leather and lace as they are luxurious materials that enhance the look of pump style shoes. As far as the chromatic of John Galliano spring 2010 shoe collection it was to be expected to be a combination of brights and dark's. Different color combinations of red, black, gray, pink, wine, green contributed to the spectacular design of the shoes.

A shoe collection worthy of praise, John Galliano spring 2010 shoe collection should definitely receive your admiration at least.
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