How-To & Style: Lace-Up Boots

One of the hottest trends involving shoes for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season were definitely the lace-up boots. Very chic, with a grunge urban allure attached to their shape, these boots come perfectly for any occasion, looking from controversial to minimalistic in a second. Find out next how to look stylish in these fabulous boots!
15 Nov, 2010

Nowadays the ladies have different shoes for any ocassion, any season, any moment. Whether it’s spring or fall, party or business, our shoes are our best friends! We all have from the classic black pumps which are the most important pair of heels to the comfy sneakers that make us feel like we’re in high school.

Of course, the season’s division comes differently too, because for spring come the ballet flats, for summer we choose cute strappy sandals, for fall ankle booties and for winter boots. With different trends that influence the dramatic change of the styles from the streets, from year to year, the must-have pair of shoes is always new, interesting and a truly must-have, even if it’s only for a season! In the Fall/Winter 2010 season, the most fabulous and breath-taking shoes that have captured our attention, are the lace-up booties. Check out next how to wear them in style!

1. Work

By having a grunge rock’n’roll appeal to them, the lace-up boots may not always look professional enough for work, but who says that office wear it’s all about two piece suits and pointy toe shoes? Break out of the ordinary with a stylish new outfit and a pair of fabulous boots, that are also extremely comfortable and perfectly wearable all day long.

2. Brunch

For brunch or lunch, for daily walks around, for shopping days, for mostly any activity that involves day, the lace-up boots can be there! Whether the weather is awful and you rock the scenario combined with a classy nude trench coats and a chic umbrella or it’s chilly and sunny and you wear them with an oversized cardigan, a pair of cool carrot pants and a cute blouse, your outfit maintains an unforgettable image.

3. Dinner

It may be a small get together with your friends, a cool little party, a nice dinner with your family, anything really. The lace-up shoes are going to look extremely beautiful with your outfit and will add a little edge to your style.
Choose colors for the shoes from the immortal black to midnight blue, khaki, camel, dark maroon or maybe play a little more challenging with a pair of animal printed lace-up boots.

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