How-To & Style: Doc Martens Boots

All the rockers out there know that a pair of Doc Martens boots is a must-have when it comes to their style, yet these boots can be found in any color that runs through your head, not only black. With different details that have evolved in time, these boots come for any type of style, yet wearing them rightly may not be easy. Find out next how to style up your Martens!
02 Jul, 2010

Whenever you open a rocker's closet a pair of Doc Martens will always jump out in your sight, but does it mean that you need to be fully covered in black clothes? Definitely not. Punks and grungers developed this urban style out of these pair of boots but nowadays you don't find them just in dark colors, because even neon is possible. Lollipop pink or hot yellow, anything. Of course, you won't look like a badass but who knows maybe you can find your own style out of these.

We've spotted these boots even in celebrities row, from Robert Pattinson to Hayley Williams, Diane Kruger, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Szohr, Blake Lively, Amber Rose, Avril Lavigne, Agyness Deyn etc.

Of course, not everyone can pull off a pair of Doc Martens and especially if you're not looking for the urban-grunge typical punk style and that's why styling comes differently when we're talking about these boots because comparing a pair of black leather Martens with those boots that have pink sequin details on, it's definitely a big change. Find out how to wear these boots on different occasions.

1. School

This is probably the easiest part because styling them up at school is very simple. Since school is a place where you spend most of the day, comfort is necessary and boots are perfect for rainy or cold days. Take a pair of skinny jeans, a simple gray top underneath and a blazer or cardigan over. Add some accessories like bracelets or rings.

2. Concert

Since the festivals start this summer like crazy, the best way to get alive from that crowd is by wearing a pair of boots. Take a pair of denim shorts, a tee band, vest over with stud details and a pair of wayfarers. Enjoy live music by feeling comfortable!

3. Party

If you're going to an underground party you'll see that comfort is important once again. Since it's nothing formal, Doc Martens are good shoes for looking stylish too. Wear them with some floral leggings, long tee over, unbottoned cardigan and a pop colored clutch to bring something unique in your outfit. Use accentuated make-up to put in value your clothes.

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