How-To & Style: Animal Printed Shoes

For the Spring/Summer season, one trend that stood out from the others, which was developed by regular people on the streets and soon hit the runway, was the leopard printed pair of shoes. Yes, they're cool and fabulous, but some might find them vulgar if you don't know how to wear them. Find out next how to rock these shoes by looking classy not trashy!
21 Jul, 2010

Animal prints are probably the hardest prints to wear. Why? Because by attaching one little accessory to your outfit, everything might turn out into a big fiasco and we sure don't want that to happen. Graphic prints look fun and cheerful, so that's why wearing them rightly doesn't need rules and there are never too much accessories! Floral prints are easy to wear and perfectly for anyone, but animal prints are not like that.

Some mix them with wrong colors and others wear them with more animal print, but in the end it's all about how you wear this print. If you're shy and childish than you should totally loose this type of print because it doesn't go with your type of person which should influence your personal style in the first place and you'll look ridiculous by wearing something you don't believe it's good for your image. If you're confident, sexy and ready to party, than nothing fits you better than this wild print that puts in value your energy and eccentric appearance!

Walking on a pair of animal printed shoes should be compared with neon colored ones, because the idea is the same, we try to emphasize our feet in fabulous shoes, by leaving the rest of the outfit look more simple yet elegant, that's why the chromatic theme chosen should be simple and going for neutral colors will always be a hit. Go from black to brown and than to creamy shades, it doesn't matter as long as it's not too much. Also if you want a fun and creative outfit, colors like dark blue, red and green will accentuate that side. Make sure you find the right balance between too less and too much.

Animal printed shoes are mostly for night-wear and parties, where wildness is accepted even if it's expressed through an outfit. Avoid wearing these shoes to work because than people might consider it slutty and not business-wear. If you love this print so much and want to wear it in regular days, choose a scarf or a bag, small accessories that spice up your look.

Try not to add more prints, even if mixed prints are totally in for the next season, because that will confuse the entire outfit and make a total mess out of beautiful clothes. Always choose to go for classy sexy looks and not rock'n'roll trashy outfits, because you're not a groupie, you're an independent woman!

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