Givenchy Spring 2010 Couture Shoes

Givenchy is one of the hottest designer labels of the moment so don't hesitate to take a glimpse at his couture 2010 shoe collection as it is superb.
10 Feb, 2010

Givenchy spring 2010 couture shoes are filled with style and match the couture fashion collection perfectly. Givenchy seems to be one of the hottest designers houses of the moment as so many celebrities opted for this label for certain red carpet events.

Givenchy spring 2010 couture shoes look absolutely fabulous and with an interesting design which attracts attention while matching the style of the outfits created. Diversity is one of the necessary things of the moment as there are so many fashion styles to choose from. Shoes are very important when it comes to the finishing aspect of an outfit and Givenchy seems to have placed a great amount of interest in the couture shoes design.

Givenchy couture Givenchy couture

Diversity in color as well as shoe style is necessary especially in a fashion collection which emphasized different styles from elegant and sophisticated to funky glam. The high heel ankle booties looked fabulous especially due to the lovely monochromes as well as the design. The boots are very loose around the foot to give it a more interesting look and a T-strap holds the boots secured around the ankle. Black, white and nude were the colors that dominated this couture shoe style and they all looked fabulous.

Givenchy couture 2010 Givenchy couture 2010

The more elegant approach was given by a lovely pair of purple T-strap sandals which looked fabulous on the leg attracting attention. This shoe style incorporated elegance and casualness in the same design.
A more glamorous approach of Givenchy was given by the sequined colored boots. Boots are very popular and can emphasize the look of certain outfits. These interesting high platform sequin boots look spectacular with the right outfit attracting a great amount of attention.

Being open minded and trying different styles can only help you discover your own personal style so don't hesitate to mix and match just like Givenchy.
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