Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Ankle Boots

When attitude is everything, nothing matches perfectly the way you feel like Christian Louboutin’s Nitoinimoi ankle strap boots, included in his fall 2009 fashion line. Are you looking for a better way to express yourself? If you’re a strong woman, these ankle boots will surely rock everyone’s eyes form the very first moment. These boots are a power statement and the ideal ingredient to rise up your confidence!
16 Nov, 2009

Belted and buckled in supple leather, these street-like full of attitude and chic style boots seem soft and strong in the same time. They feature a 115mm self-covered heel, a 25 mm platform, a back zip closure (zippers are so in this season!), a leather lining and, of course, the classic Louboutin signature red leather sole.

What’s so special about these boots? Well, the answer is quite simple.

It’s the combination and the unique structure combining the classic suede shoe with all the leather straps that makes this specific Louboutin design a very special one. If you ever imagined an accessory, a shoe, to be more specific, that is simultaneously hard rock and feminine, this is it - Christian Louboutin’s Nitoinimoi ankle strap boots.

You can have them for $1,195 at Barneys, and make sure that, besides wearing them with plenty of confidence, a certain outfit is necessary. Try wearing them with a feminine piece of clothing; just to be sure you soften a little bit their natural hard look.

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