Christian Dior Spring 2010 Shoes

Christian Dior is a name everyone probably heard of and it's no surprise why. It is a brand name associated with luxury so don't hesitate to admire Dior's spring 2010 lovely shoe collection.
03 Dec, 2009

Christian Dior is a name with resonance in the fashion industry due to the number of years spend designing as well as the high quality, refined products created under this name. Christian Dior has, over time, expanded his creations, going from fashion to other goods like cosmetics and accessories.

Christian Dior spring 2010 shoe collection is meant to match the fashion designs he created and give the legs a sexy yet comfortable feel. Surprisingly uniform, the collection featured only one style which was meant to suit the season and the outfits created. Wedges seemed to be the top preference of Christian Dior spring 2010 collection as this style took over the runway.

Dior 2010 shoes Dior 2010 shoes Dior 2010 shoes Dior 2010 shoes

Even though platform wedge sandals are known to have a simple and ordinary look, Christian Dior spring 2010 shoe collection is indeed attention grabbing. The details and the colors used to create the wedge sandals were stunning and made them look perfect for the spring summer season.

High platform shoes have the possibility to give a lengthening effect, thus a slimming one, making the legs appear longer and slimmer. Because the leg is supported and the angle of inclination is not as high, more comfort is given than by high heel shoes. Wedges seem to be timeless shoes because since they first appeared they came back almost every season with a different and improved look.

Dior spring 2010 shoes Dior spring 2010 shoes

Christian Dior spring 2010 shoe collection is all about straps. Different strap designs contribute to the interesting look of the wedge shoes and offer them a certain sexy allure. The chromatic of the collection was bold as well as neutral.

Hot pink, violet, gold as well as gray and black were the dominant colors of the collection. Christian Dior opted mostly for skin print leather like snake and crocodile skin. A shoe collection which appears to be cute, elegant, stylish and comfortable, perfect combination of benefits to conquer your heart.
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