Chanel Spring 2010 Shoes

Karl Lagerfeld has managed to create a lovely collection for Chanel as it was surprising and different at the same time. Find out what gave Chanel spring 2010 shoe collection the distinction received.
12 Dec, 2009

Chanel, a name with great power and significance in the fashion industry has managed to survive for so many years due to it's dedication to fashion and style. Coco Chanel, the founder of the Chanel empire has revolutionized the fashion world by introducing gorgeous elegant yet feminine outfits which for the time were making headlines.

One of Chanel's creations which has remained in the history of fashion is the famous little black dress which is still present on the runway fashion presentation every season. This high-end fashion style is associated with luxury and style, and these characteristics are maintained with the help of talented fashion designers collaborating with Chanel.

Chanel Chanel

Chanel spring 2010 shoes are indeed very surprising as the design chosen is very different from other Chanel shoe collections. The gorgeous rustic style created by Chanel's creative designer Karl Lagerfeld needed a sensational rustic style shoes that would not only enhance the style of the collection but attract the desired attention towards themselves as well. Chanel was known for designing elegant designs and the collection took everyone by surprise. It seems that people are divided into two groups; one that absolutely adored the collection and the other that thought the collection had nothing of Coco Chanel's elegance.

Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel

Wooden clogs was the Chanel spring 2010 dominant shoe style as this is the style that completed best the collection. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wooden clogs as they look quite interesting and fashionable. Rustic yet stylish, this style appeals to many women who love fashion and most of all shoes. The leather, embellishments and accessories used for creation made this clogs adorable. A lovable style that suited perfectly the collection, Chanel clogs are most definitely worth admiring.

Platform peep toe pumps and high heels beautifully accessorized with different flower looked fabulous as well as elegant. A stylish collection worthy of admiration and suitable for women who are not afraid to experiment with different styles, Chanel 2010 spring shoe collection is indeed lovely.
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