Casadei Fall 2009 Shoes

Beautiful shoes are all around us, making us want them even more. And when it comes to Italian luxury and craftsmanship, no one does it better than Casadei, the shoe brand founded 50 years ago. What Casadei does is magic: feminine, subtle designs, fashion-forward, sophisticated and boldly colored. For the fall – winter 2009/2010, Casadei had managed once again to impress everyone.
16 Dec, 2009

Casadei’s latest collection is confident, creative and bold. The heels are huge, the colors are strong, and all the fabrics are incredibly well chosen. Consisting both of classic and modern shapes, Casadei’s collection for this season can surely make it to you must-have list, as I’m sure you have one by now.

Falling in love with a boot can’t be that difficult if we’re talking of a Casadei design. That’s why the collection insists on boots, ankle boots, in beautiful shapes, high heels and the most attractive colors. The heels are compensated with platforms, covered in the same fabric as the shoe itself.

Sebastian Marzaro, the president of Casadei, has been very inspired when agreeing this collection, as its success is already guaranteed. It’s an elegant one, embellished with delicate and beautiful crystals, and decorated with the most exquisite other details. I’m talking about all the zippers, the animal prints, and the crystals which ennobled some heels.

It’s difficult to resume such a complex collection of shoes, as every shoe is unique and a true work of art in its own way. You can find anything, starting with stilettos, high platforms and finishing with various fabrics, snakeskin or patent leather.

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