Balenciaga Spring 2010 Shoes

If you’re a Nicholas Ghesquiere and Balenciaga, most likely that the spring 2010 show must have conquered you by now. The outfits were exquisite, including leather trousers, kilts inspired by sportswear, garments, recycled fabrics artistically combined with natural ones, tribal influences and a great attention to detail. And this attention is the key-element that also concerns shoes.
17 Dec, 2009

"Like Play-Doh," this is how Ghesquiere sees the shoe collection for this line. And the truth is that the shoes are gorgeous! Everything, starting with the fabrics used, to the graphically designed heels, it all screams “must have”! It’s an extreme collection if shoes, but with many common points and with plenty of attitude, so let’s be more specific.

Balenciaga’s spring 2010 shoes are definitely something: peep toe boots, with stripped hand-knitted fabric that makes its way up to the knee, in various colors. The mid length ankle boots were all over the runway for this collection and the result was pretty much clear for all of us: either love them or hate them.

The truth is we loved them, first of all due to Ghesquiere’s historical genius, and, second, because they were something else. The mix of fabrics, the nudity of the fingers in high contrast with the loomed fabric – it all screamed “urban” and “chic”.

Chromatically speaking, almost every important color in the collection was taken and reinterpreted in the shoes: blue, white, green, natural colors, combined with strips of leather, which emphasized even more that urban look, almost warrior-like.

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