Alexander McQueen 2010 Spring Shoes

A collection as never seen before, featuring incredible out of this world designs made Alexander McQueen 2010 spring summer shoe collection a true spectacle. Find out what made his collection so amazing.
16 Nov, 2009

The Alexander McQueen spring 2009 collection was one of the most talked about ready to wear fashion collections at the Paris Fashion Week. The colors, the designs and accessories featured in the collection created a true and unique spectacle. He has showed his genius through the innovative and spectacular designs of the outfits and shoes.

Alexander McQueen 2010 spring shoes look incredibly futuristic and difficult to wear. The style has yet never been seen, very high bulky ballerina inspired shoes made out of gorgeous leather. Almost alien like shoes they matched perfectly the collection and were surprisingly wearable since only the outside design appears to be like you're stepping on your toes. The inside of these remarkable styled shoes is regular, the shoes featuring a high heel and high platform which support the leg.

Alexander McQueen 2010 Alexander McQueen

Ankle boots featuring a sci-fi design looked incredibly hot and wearable. The shoes appeared like they are ready to transform as the heel appears to be made out of iron and bolted on with screws. The design of the shoes makes them really interesting are ready to wear for any occasion. High heels help create a very sexy and feminine appearance by sculpting and defining the legs.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Alexander McQueen 2010

Alien like "Predator" inspired high platform high heel sandals looked incredibly futuristic. The shoes had an out of this world appearance and matched the style of the outfits perfectly. Ridges and gaps combined in an interesting way gave the sandals their unique look.

Alexander McQueen 2010 shoes Alexander McQueen 2010 shoes

Embellishments, gorgeous colors and exotic prints aided the style of Alexander McQueen 2010 spring summer shoe collection. Truly one of a kind they already attracted the attention of celebrities who love to be unique like Lady Gaga and Daphne Guiness.
If you are a daring woman who loves to look unique, Alexander McQueen's 2010 spring summer shoe collection can help you achieve the look you are seeking.
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