4 Must-Have Shoes for Summer 2010

We all love as soon as the summer season starts because that not only means that vacation has started, but our wardrobe needs to be refreshed through a new wave of trendy clothes. We know what fashion trends to follow but do we know what shoes to buy? Find out next what are this season's must-have shoes!
15 Jul, 2010

Whether we realise it or not, women's biggest addiction when it comes to fashion goes straight on footwear. Why? There's probably no explication mostly because no one's asks that question, men don't care, women can't see it. Even if we try to adapt to every new year's requests in fashion, it's quite hard to keep up with all these new trends that take over the runway.

Since the Spring/Summer season in every year brings a lot of accent on comfort and natural looks rather than hardcore appearances but what will this year brings us? You haven't found out yet what are the must-have shoes for the summer? Well, stay with us to find out what's worth the money and what doesn't. From beach outfits to office wear or nights out, check out the essential shoe trends in this season!

1. Heelless Sandals

Whether you choose to go rocker chic with rough gladiator sandal or prefer to keep it feminine in the romantic ones with pearl details or even make a flash-back shoe tribute to 80s ridiculously chaotic fashion through bohemian hippie sandals, it doesn't matter as long as you own a pair of heelless sandals that will provide you comfort and a stylish appearance too.

2. Oxford Shoes

We're all looking for business shoes that go well with out office wear, but somehow we end up taking the same classic pumps that hurt our feet slowly but effective. You haven't found out yet what other shoes to buy? We'll we say go for Oxford shoes. They're professional and classy in the same time, but also you can wear them easily with casual-chic outfits as long as you wear them rightly. Oxford shoes are a good investment for this summer!

3. Wedges

Are you having one of those days when you feel that nothing is comfortable enough for this hot summer? Well, our advice is simple, keep it loosen up in your clothing while standing high up on your heels. Of course, heels are not easy to wear in summer because it's simply tiring, and that's when wedges fill the place of heels, but in a better and easier way. Completing any type of style and fashion, wedges are diverse and very comfortable. Run fast to your store and buy the hottest new wedges for this season!

4. Clogs

One of this year's new fashion trends that have taken the catwalk when we're talking about shoes, are the clogs. By making a major come-back this season, clogs come differently than usually in the best possible. We've seen them with crystals, studs, flower prints, animal prints, anything really. They are perfectly for any stylish woman that wants to impress, but unfortunately it's not a trend that is here to stay for a long time, that's why try not to invest too much into these shoes.

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