Lady Gaga Red Carpet Style

Quirky and extravagant are the words that best describe pop sensation Lady Gaga's fashion style and her red carpet appearances are even more 'out there'. Check out Lady Gaga's red carpet style.
07 Oct, 2009

This talented young lady is only 5'1'' and has become huge in the past year all over the world.

With her big dark sun specs, platinum blonde hair and extravagant outfits, next to her, even Paris Hilton seems out-dated. By the way, these two went to school together in New York, to The Sacred Heart School.

When she's on the red carpet you can't really define her style in a single word...her style is a bit of retro, disco, a bit of kitsch and pornstar and sometimes it's just different.

"Fashion is everything... – she declared - I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us."

Her red carpet appearances are far from conventional or boring: futuristic dresses, statement accessories, quirky hats, freaky masks and shoes.

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