Zara TRF August Lookbook for Women

Going straight into a fall mood with textile materials, shapes, details, prints and head-to-toe styling choices, Zara’s TRF August Lookbook takes school style to a whole new level, where fashion accommodates into a comfy-cool zone expressed through different styles, from urban-geek to hobo-chic, vintage romantic or masculine impressive.
23 Aug, 2010

After a long relaxing and hot summer, where fashion stood into revealing casual outfits and heat protective clothes, now in Zara’s TRF August Lookbook we see that it’s time for the cover-ups. Sandals transform into shoes, shorts into baggy pants, floral romantic dresses get boho through cardigan accessorised looks and ankle-bootie socks take the place of sandal-socks by continuing the trend for the next season too.

Zara’s TRF Lookbook from this month seems to be based mostly on teeanger’s get-back-to-school styles, which show perfectly today’s youth attention for details especially in their head-to-toe styling choices. Mixes between styles or prints are one way to stand out from regular crowds through fashion.

The variety of choices in fashion chapter has come to a level where styles are separately devided, they get combined together and release new styles in the same time. By adapting to any occasion and style, Zara’s TRF August Lookbook shows perfectly school’s most wanted fashion trends and outfits desired.

With the perfect balance between new fashion trends released and wardrobe essentials, Zara embraced from school’s typical style to an everyday catwalk for everyone.

With a new set for the latest fashion trends and styles, Zara provides their own personal trend-mark over this industry inspired by today’s trends required, from the runway to the streets. Geek-chic, urban-school, vintage-trendy, enchanting masculine, country comfy, hobo and boho, are just a few from the styles adapted.

Along the general essential clothes for a new school season, Zara’s TRF August Lookbook manages them through the latest fashion trends, from double denim, which is remarkably and surprisingly changed into a triple denim, shorts, shirts and a jacket, to fabulous knitted shorts, socks in booties, fringe messenger bags, beige loafers, oversized scarves, large pants, Oxford shoes, baggy cardigans, mixed flower prints, leather shorts, ponchos, country hats, granny knitted sweaters, plaids, short leather jackets, military inspired blazers, over-knee socks, trench-coats, stripes and sneakers, all influenced by today’s urban chic school style.

Photos: Zara

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